Rules and Regulations

General Admission

Rules Information and General Rules for Exhibitors and Patrons Exhibitors and patrons are sincerely requested to make constructive criticisms and offer helpful suggestions toward bettering any part or department of this, Cape Fear Fair & Expo Association.

Please report any discourtesies by gatemen, concessionaires, showmen, or others connected with the Fair. Concessions and attractions are granted privileges on the grounds to supply the necessary wants, comforts, conveniences and pleasures of the patrons. The management will not accept or knowingly allow the continuance of any concession, show or other attraction of a questionable nature or a demoralizing tendency, nor will any concession be permitted where the business is conducted in other than a legitimate and legal matter.
Drunkenness, quarreling, or the use of profane or obscene language will not be allowed on the grounds. No begging will be permitted. No peddling, hawking, or selling of any kind will be allowed in the buildings or on the grounds except by special license obtained from the Manager. All dining areas, lunch stands, refreshment booths, and other places dispensing food and beverage must be substantial in structure and neat in appearance. They must meet all health regulations and must sell only good, wholesome food and pure honest goods at reasonable prices that must be approved by the Fair Management and displayed in a prominent place. No soft drinks may be sold in glass bottles.

The Management of the Fair reserves the right to amend, add to and interpret the foregoing and following Rules and Regulations, and to arbitrarily settle and determine all questions and differences in regard thereto, or otherwise arising out of head notes of the various divisions and departments of the Fair, the later taking precedence. Disregard of any rule, misrepresentation on the part of the exhibitor, concessionaire or patrons will forfeit all premiums won, privileges granted, fees paid, and rights to further participation in the Fair.
The Fair will employ police, guards and traffic directors, and will use diligence to promote safety and protection of patrons, and their exhibits and property on the Fairgrounds. But, under no circumstances will the Fair or any of its officers and employees be responsible for loss or damage to persons and their property (including entries, exhibits, automobiles in parking lots, and articles left in cars) because of accidents, theft, fire, the elements, or other conditions.

Sufficient electric light and power service will be furnished by the Fair to properly illuminate and service the exhibition buildings and grounds. Exhibitors and concessionaires requiring individual electric light and power service in their booths and stands will need to make application through the Administration Office.


Promiscuous advertising is strictly prohibited. Exhibitors may advertise and distribute literature and free samples from their place of exhibit only, but may not sell any article or animal from their exhibit space without a permit from the manager. The distribution of advertising matter which conflicts in any manner with a concession sold by the management is prohibited.

No exhibit space assigned may be shared or sublet without permission of the Fair manager. The Fair Management reserves the right to reject any exhibit which does not reflect merit and which would not be a credit to the exhibits which are deemed objectionable or unsuitable for exhibition. All entries are accepted conditionally, pending inspection of the article or animal to be exhibited. Any article or animal which proves to be misrepresented or falsely classed will be rejected and the right of the exhibitor to further participation in the Fair will be denied.